Cleaning and Care

Maintain Surface Sheen

Stainless steel has a non-porous surface, so it doesn’t harbour dirt or grime. It’s incredibly hygienic and easy to clean, provided you use the correct products.

To ensure your stainless steel surface maintains its sheen for years to come, here are some cleaning tips.

Cleaning & Care

Always wipe stainless steel surfaces along the grain, not against it. Start with warm water on a clean microfibre cloth, then follow with a dry microfibre cloth to prevent water marks. For areas with baked on stains, use warm water with a mild detergent. Always read the label to ensure the detergent is safe for use on stainless steel.


Never use steel wool or a scourer to clean stainless steel. These products are typically made from carbon steel, which can create fine scratches that spoil the finish and dull the lustre of the material. Carbon steel fragments can also rust onto stainless steel surfaces, typically known as T- Staining.

Oil-based Cleaners

Polish stainless steel with a high quality oil-based cleaner. This will remove and prevent finger prints –and help restore its sheen.